Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Do YOU Think?

Totally hypothetical here ;)....

Say a girl decides to venture into the exciting world of cradle robbing for a few months with an old family friend, only to have it not quite work out. Let's say that our girl, however, remains good friends with her *gasp* 4 YEARS YOUNGER boytoy and his sisters. Then let's say that their mother passes away after more than a year of suffering and our hypothetical girl goes to the funeral to support the family, including her old boytoy and his lovely new fiance.
So my question is this.......
How inappropriate would it be for that hypothetical girl to score a date at said funeral with her ex-flame (who happens to be the deceased's son)'s best friend?? Do-able or horrible??
Until next time, much love!


Ms Crazy Princess said...

Do-able.. but not brag-able ... keep it on the low! lol

Lisa S said...

Four years younger? That's nothing :)
My hubby is 6 years younger. It's great! Go on the date! Didn't you say your ex has a fiance'? There are no rules. Just don't talk about the ex or his new girlfriend. Have fun.