Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Call Me Chaz

My “date” (quotations standing simply for the fact that all the date consisted of was hanging out and watching an 80’s mobster flick ha ha) with FB went pretty well. Sadly though, YB’s sister waited until just after I left his mom’s place, where he was house sitting, to let me know that he’s quite the player. Kind of a bummer considering how adorably charming he is, but I’m not about to play that game again. We text sporadically still, but I’m thinking he will make a much better friend than a lover.
Soooo what’s a girl who just funeral crashed supposed to do? Wedding crash of course! Remember my darling friend A who got married on January 31st? The best man and I will apparently be doubling with them this weekend.
I will now be legally changing my name to Chaz.
Until next time, much love!

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Katie said...

Have fun! Sorry FB is a player, they're the worst because they trick you into thinking they're good guys.