Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And The Winner Is...

I will be taking my good friend J to the company Christmas party.
I was planning on taking Nug, but she has bronchitis and strep along with being pregnant (she just found out on Saturday and I could not be more excited)!!! Needless to say, she's not feeling up to it.
Then I figured I would take JGG. Sadly, he is in the good old county jail for 14 days. That, however, is a post for another day ha ha!
Choice #3??? The jock. Too bad he's in Costa Rica.
What's a girl to do now? There are other options, but sadly I think they would all either read far too much into the invitation or embarrass me in front of my co-workers.
SOOO Jiggity Jiggity J it is! He's a BEAUTIFUL specimen of a man and tons of fun to be around. The best part...we can just go as friends without any "date" pressure! There is absolutely zero attraction there, due almost in whole to the fact that I'm a pathetic young thing who is still in love with TGTBT UGH. We went to high school together, but lost touch after graduation. Until he randomly showed up in my AmHer class this semester that is! So I have my little buddy back with the added bonus of never having to find a real date again! Hooray!
It's been snowing for the past 2 days and will continue to snow throughout the week, causing the canyon to be closed to all who do not have chains or 4WD so he will be driving us all (himself, my parents and I) up the canyon in his lovely Dodge. Thank Heaven for men and their obsession with big trucks!
Until next time, much love!

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