Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yuletide Yuckity Yuck

So the company Christmas party is coming up in about a month. It'll be a beautiful party at a gorgeous ski lodge surrounded by "the greatest snow on earth". I'm excited for the party, but still dreading it all the same. Why, you ask? Because of the "T + Guest" DATE factor ugh! Let me tell you about the great time I had at the company party last year!
Last year I had every intention of simply taking my best friend Nugget as my date. We've been friends since Jr. High and honestly there's nobody I would rather spend a night mingling with my coworkers in formal dress with. Nug and I have fun no matter what we do! The two of us can liven up even the dullest of parties, so it's no surprise that I would want her to be my date right? When I told my colleagues my plans, however, they told me in no uncertain terms that I most definitely was NOT bringing my friend as my date, I was bringing a DATE date. Unfortunately, I gave in to the peer pressure.
Enter Lexus
Lexus was a Lexus car dealer who I had met *gasp* online. We had only gone out once before, to lunch. I actually quite liked him. Until I went out with him a 2nd time that is. I let the other single girls in the office talk me into inviting him to the party and then dialed the number before I could think better of the idea. He quickly agreed and I immediately started wishing I had just gone with my gut instinct to take the Nugster.
The night of the party he met me at the club house where the party was being held. We had an hour or so to mingle and drink mocktails until dinner was served. Seeing as how I had only really met him once before, we ended up not having much to say to each other. I introduced him to my co-workers, but apparently I wasn't the only person he didn't have much to say to. He simply stood there, playing with his new iPhone and acting as if he were way too cool for school.
We enjoyed an absolutely delicious meal, after which he got to sit through an hour of speeches from the top executives in the company. As much as I could understand his boredom at this point, he could have at least refrained from his over-exaggerated yawns and eye rolling couldn't he? After company awards were given out, we played a large game of Balderdash as table teams. Not only was he disgustingly dull, he was also a big fat CHEATER! I mean really...who CHEATS at an office Christmas party?!? Other than his first few attempts at cheating he finally gave up and just sat there in awkward silence for the remaining hour. I was ready to slice my wrists just to get away from him!
Finally, mercifully, the party ended and I was able to make my escape! Not before I retrieved my coat, however, where I was forced to make 2 more parents. Did I mention that my mother works with me and was therefore in attendance that night, with my dad?!
I think this year I really might just take my NugNug because if I have to suffer through another night even half as bad as last year I just might lose my mind!
Until next time, much love!

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