Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet The Family

You know what I've always thought should be included in a party planning idea book??? Having a Halloween party with your entire family and the family of the man you're stuck in a ridiculous are-we-friends-or-lovers-or-WHAT mess with!
K2 is turning 4 on Saturday! I decided to throw her a Halloween themed birthday bash this last weekend since she'll be with her daddio on her actual birthday weekend. Unfortunately, my pad is TINY! I could have had the party at my mom's house, but that would have meant being forced to invite my sister-in-law who is even more evil than KKK if that is possible! I was discussing my dilemma with TGTBT last month and he suggested having the party at his house. He's got a nice, large house with plenty of room for guests and his boys were going to be in town as well so I figured why the hell not? That was, of course, when he and I were still living our happy little fantasy, but in trying to rise above my heartache I decided this weekend to stick with the original plan and hold the shindig at his house.
I get there early Sunday to set up and his mom and sister are there. I had told him he was welcome to invite his family, but didn't think for a minute that they would actually come...but come they did. I've met most of his family before, but it was still intensely awkward! Here we are in this weird transition phase, not knowing where we stand as a couple or even friends, and we're having a MEET THE PARENTS night! How RELATIONSHIPPY can you GET?!? Geeeez!! It was weird and awkward and semi-uncomfortable, but being the oh-so-mature adults that we are we all got along swimmingly during the 2 hours we were together and saved the trash talking until we got home.
The kids, thankfully, got along WONDERFULLY! And after spending a couple hours together on Halloween and again on Sunday I am, I must admit, completely in love with his little guys!
Until next time, much love!

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