Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Swallow Your Pride T

What an interesting weekend I had last week...
Last Saturday I was kidless so TGTBT and I had plans to get together and watch a movie, but after working late he told me it was probably a little bit late to start a movie. I was beyond irritated, not that he didn't want to watch a movie but that he was flaking out on me when we hadn't seen each other in almost 3 weeks! I thought my snotty response was enough to let him know I was less than happy with him, but he IS pretty darn oblivious. Since our plans for the night were now canceled, I decided to hang out with my cousins.
We were kickin' it at my place and around 11:30 decided we absolutely HAD to have a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. The nearest Starbucks is in the mall parking lot, so we head there. We pull into the lot and immediately our attention is drawn to 3 insanely gorgeous cars, with 3 insanely gorgeous men standing outside of them talking car and driver. Talk about a distraction! CaCa (our fearless driver) was, in fact, so distracted that she failed to hear my repeated cries of "Curb! Curb!! CURB!!!" in time. This was no ordinary curb that she slammed into and drove across, it was GARGANTUAN! Luckily she was speeding enough that she made it over the entire curb with all 4 tires rather than getting the belly of the car stuck! Embarrassed to have committed this foolish act in front of said hotties, she sped off and around the corner continuing on to our destination...that's when the car started wobbling and shaking. We pulled over next to the Starbucks which, just our luck, was closed anyway and got out to examine the car. The front passenger tire was blown beyond repair. NOW WHAT?!? I'm sure if I even knew what a jack looked like I could manage to change the tire, but do we really want to take that risk? What else was there but to swallow my pride and call TGTBT? He of course came to rescue us, only to find that we didn't have a jack. Luckily some nice young men had just gotten off work at PF Changs and provided us with a jack and some tire changing assistance so the job was done in mere minutes. I was still pretty irked with TGTBT but decided to let it go...for the time being.
The next day was Sunday and I woke up with renewed annoyance and decided I would give myself a day to get over it before I tried talking to him. Unfortunately that didn't quite work out once I realized that CaCa would no longer be able to take me up to SLC to pick up my car that had just finished getting repaired. Again, I had to swallow my pride and beg TGTBT for his assistance. The drive up was nothing short of painful. I spent a good 30 minutes hiding tears behind my sunglasses because it hurts so badly to even be near him, let alone to discuss the things we were discussing. He dropped me off at my car and I kissed him goodbye, not planning to see him for at least a week until K2's birthday bash. That resolve lasted a total of 10 hours, until I woke up to a toilet that refused to flush.
Due to an extreme toilet bowl OCD I somehow managed to get a scrub brush head stuck in the toilet approximately 2 months ago. I was able to snake the crap out of the toilet, and it actually worked for quite some time! Unfortunately Monday was the day it decided it no longer loved me. I plunged it, I snaked it, I BEGGED it to work...all to no avail. Who could I call? Should I shell our hundreds of dollars for a plumber just to save my pride? Detecting a pattern here??? I called TGTBT. He came out and had to actually remove the entire toilet to get the brush head out from the other side. It took him close to an hour, but when that hour was over I once again had a working toilet!
I'm a very independent person...sometimes to a fault. It is no easy task for me to swallow my pride and ask for help. Especially when the person I need help from is someone I'm not exactly happy with at the moment. My ego took a pretty big hit last weekend, but hey at least it got done right?
Until next time, much love!

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