Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Let's take a minute to backtrack.
During one of the many "off" times in my on-again off-again relationship with the DJ, I flirted and hung out with my cousin's roommate. Let's just call him Shortness, because well...he's short. Anyway, we had been friends since before my divorce and he's a super cool guy. He even oftentimes played devil's advocate for me and the DJ. Funny how more often than not he was in COMPLETE agreement with me on EVERYTHING, letting me know what a worthless dirt bag the DJ was and that I certainly should NOT put up with his nonsense. Sweet of him yes, but as we all know people generally have their own motives.
Anyway so Shortness and I hung out a bunch during about a 2 month period. It can't exactly be called dating considering the fact that we never went ANYWHERE other than the front freakin room! It was chill though, he was cool to kick it with. Unfortunately Shortness and my cousin ended up having a falling out and my cousin moved to a new apartment with her love muffin. Shortness and I texted a few times after that, but never saw each other again. Other than one or two myspace messages I haven't even heard from the sucka in a year and a half. Until Monday.
Monday I took K1 to the Dr. and then to lunch. At lunch I get a text from, drum roll please...Shortness! Dude...what in the WORLD?! I haven't talked to you in OVER A YEAR! Why the crap are you texting me NOW?! So we talk for about an hour and just catch up. Then after lunch I go to the car wash to have my car washed. Amazing how that works. Anyway, while at the car wash I get a new MMS...its a picture of Shortness without his shirt! And he sends it 3 times! And THEN, because I don't reply, he ASKS ME IF I GOT IT!!! DUUUUUUDE! Come on...really?! What is that crap?
Needless to say...I probably won't be taking him up on his "we should hang out sometime" offer anytime soon. Unless I get SUPER desperate...which, let's face it, I just might! :P
Until next time, much love!

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