Monday, August 25, 2008

"I Appreciate Your Honesty"

What a week, what a week....
Remember Mr. Too Good To Be True?? Wanna hear the latest?
TGTBT is in Minneapolis at the moment. He had to go out there for 3 1/2 weeks for work. I dropped him at the airport last Sunday and have missed him like mad from the moment I drove away. We had been in pretty much constant contact...until Friday that is. Ready for the story...can you HANDLE it???
You probably remember "the other chick" from my last post...let's call her KKK. Why you ask? I have no clue other than the fact that her name starts with a K and she's pretty much the devil :). So she and TGTBT are good friends, they were even dating for awhile...nothing serious despite her best efforts. TGTBT remained friends with her, but had agreed not to mess about with her anymore once he and I started seeing each other. Mind you we certainly were not exclusive and he had every right to still spend time with her, but as I said...we had an agreement of sorts.
Friday I hop online to check my Facebook...yes I truly am a huge nerd...and I get an IM from KKK that says "Hey can I ask you a question?" Well certainly you just did sweetheart! Being the kind and lovely being that I am though, I answered simply "Of course". She asks if TGTBT and I are "involved" to which I reply that yes we are, we are not exclusive but we are most certainly "involved". She then proceeds to tell me that SHE and TGTBT are involved. That they, in fact, messed about just a few days before he left which was most definitely AFTER he and I had made our agreement! She gave me all sorts of fun and exciting details about their many romps together, most of which I really could have gone my entire life without knowing.
I tried to call TGTBT but to no avail. Finally that evening he returned my call and I confronted him on KKK's allegations. Sad days for me, he came clean and told me that while most of what she said was complete rubbish parts of it were fact rather than fiction. He was immensely apologetic and assured me that it would never happen again. I was immensely HURT and told him he quite obviously needed to take a time out and figure out what he wanted. Can you imagine what else I said to him? Maybe that he was a lying sack of crap? That I loathed him and never wanted to see his stupid handsome face again? That he was a complete creep and that I hoped he would die a slow and painful death brought on by the HIV he more than likely contracted from the evil succubus?!?!
Nope! My genius response..."I appreciate your honesty". Are you KIDDING me?!? That's the best I could do?!? He just told me that he slept with another girl and all I could say was "I appreciate your honesty"?!? I'm a real tiger aren't I? But really, what else COULD I say? Technically he didn't even do anything wrong. We weren't exclusive. However, we DID have an agreement, which he did not honor and THAT is NOT cool!
Anyway...Saturday night I went out to dinner with the DJ. I figured nothing cures a broken heart better than a date with another man who loves you madly right? Wrong! Dinner was great, we doubled with the Nug and her husband so it was actually a lot of fun. Then we went back to my place to watch a flick. The hubster had a pretty wicked migraine so they ended up bailing about halfway through the film. After that it was intensely awkward. It just felt wrong. Rather than helping me to feel better and regain what little pride I possibly could, I walked away feeling even worse about the whole situation and missing TGTBT even more.
I did talk to him yesterday and we're good now...we'll remain friends and play everything else by ear. But ladies do me a favor...the next time your man leaves the toilet seat up or tosses his filthy gym socks on the floor rather than walking the 2 feet to put them in the bloody hamper, give him a kiss and let him know how happy you are to have him in your life because trust me it could always be a lot worse!
Until next time, much love!

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