Saturday, August 16, 2008

Robbing The Cradle Betches!

Dating a younger's a right of passage. We all make this mistake at least once right? Enter Young Buck...
After all of the drama with the DJ, I'll admit my fragile ego was just a bit bruised. I was feeling less than my sexy self and really just not diggin my dating life. Then the YB came along. I had actually known him for years, have been friends with his sisters since junior high school but hadn't actually seen him since those awkward pre-pubescent times every young man goes through. During those missing years he had GROWN UP! He was now a man...a tall, handsome intense man who just radiated sex appeal. Due to the fact that I was good friends with his sister I held back and just chilled with him as friends...for awhile. He was persistent, attentive and already had a great relationship with my kids as "Uncle YB". And I was lonely. Game ON!
YB and I spent quite a bit of time together over the next few months. My kids loved him, and still do for that matter. It was complicated keeping it from his sisters (one who was particularly fierce about who her brother dated) but we managed. It was actually quite nice dating someone I didn't have to hide from my kids. It was just a matter of watching our Ps & Qs while they were in the room, which truth be told was not an easy task.
The 4 year age gap, while weird, really didn't even seem to phase us. We enjoyed each others company and always had a good time when we were together. Until the day my friend Autumn got a text message...
I was at work one day when I got a text message forward from Autumn, subject line "Isn't this YOUR YB?" I opened the text and it was a picture of YB. I replied simply "Yes, wtf?" She proceeded to explain to me that her friend had a friend named YB that was looking to be hooked YB, looking to be hooked up with another girl. Obviously Autumn told him to go straight to Hell but not until after I had a good cry over it.
So long YB...
Until next time, much love!

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