Saturday, August 16, 2008

Peas Anyone?

After YB I decided to take a break from the dating world, it really was as ugly out there as I had been warned. My break lasted around 6 months, until my personal Greek God broke up with his perfect-on-the-outside-train-wreck-on-the-inside girlfriend. My Adonis and I had been friends for about a year and a half, but never more than that because he was already taken. After he broke up with the GF, however, he needed a shoulder to cry on. Can you guess who was there and happy to oblige?
So Greek God and I began spending time together, generally late at night after the kids were already in bed. It was a casual, friendly relationship void of labels. We were good friends which made our encounters easy and stress-free. I was in Heaven. I couldn't believe that this 6'11" perfect specimen of a man could possibly want me, but want me he did. It all seemed too good to be true which, naturally, it turned out to be.
After receiving some wretched news and the loss of his $400,000 a year job (which was ultimate ego deflation for him) all in a matter of days he took a dive off the board and went off the deep end. He apparently decided it would be a laugh to get loaded on cocaine and heroine all day and then try to shoot himself with a shotgun. He never even called me, but fortunately he did call someone else who was able to contact the authorities and, ultimately, save his life. After that GG & I were never the same. Though I felt terrible for the things he was going through and was still there for him as a friend, I realized that I didn't have the emotional capacity to deal with it all. Not to mention, as harsh as it may sound, couldn't risk having someone that unstable around my precious cargo, my children.
GG and I are still fact, we're better friends now than we ever were before. He still gets a wild hair up his rear once in a while and sends me a text asking for nookie, but other than that I adore the guy. One good thing that came from his complete mental breakdown...I no longer see him as a Greek God, I see him more as.....the Jolly Green Giant. Love that sucka!

Until next time, much love!

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