Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Been a Minute, Hasn't It?

Once again, I have gone two months between posts...I'm the worst blogger EVER!
Life has been absolutely crazy lately! Not only have I been dealing with testing, etc. for K1 (we finally got an official diagnosis, yay!), but my mom was diagnosed with kidney cancer and had to have surgery to remove one of her kidneys and an ovary. She was in the hospital for nearly a month due to complications, etc. I also had my wisdom teeth taken out in March which led to dry socket and then an EXTREME allergic reaction to some random Orajel tooth desensitizer that made the entire right side of my mouth blister...baaaaaaaaaad times. AND I was slammed with school work, courtesy of the semester from hell. Needless to say, I was a bit busy and pre-occupied in March and April. The Artist, of course, could not handle the fact that he wasn't receiving enough attention from me and started in with the passive-aggressive games once more.
He started by changing his relationship status back to single and deleting the profile picture of the two of us (thank goodness haha). When that wasn't enough to get my attention he decided to play hardball by re-adding his hooch of a "friend" (who will stop at nothing to get him into bed, even when he's in a relationship with someone else), and making public plans to "get together" when he gets home. When that wasn't enough he started "accidentally" sending me text messages that were meant for her. Still, I tried to ignore it all. Then, to add insult to injury, he friends "The Hoe Bag". Remember the girl TGTBT cheated on me with? The same one my very first boyfriend cheated on me with? Yeah...he friended her. He knows the story behind The Hoe Bag, and decided to friend her...simply to get to me. Lame much?!
Heaven knows I do NOT need that kind of crap. My life is chaotic enough as it is, without head games and bullsh*t. I didn't feel the need to be dramatic about any of it though. I simply deleted him from my facebook (who wants those kind of wall posts on their home page anyway, right?), and stopped responding to his texts. Being The Artist, he kept texting...asking "wtf did I do?" etc. I still did not respond. Unless he is completely brain-dead he knows exactly what he did, and I'm simply too far past the point of being done with it all.
I hadn't heard from him in a couple of weeks, and he hadn't even crossed my mind, when out of the blue I get a message on facebook that reads......

May 11 at 11:13pm Report
I dont want to argue but it would kill me to find out if you were sleeping with ***** ***** when you and i were together...I just can't believe you would possibly be like this...hope its not true and if it is then I guess its the reason why you no longer talk to me and thats cool...take care

WOW...really? REALLY?!?! Where in the WORLD did that come from?!?! Of course it's completely untrue, but WTF?! Did The Hoe Bag tell him that? And if so, WHY?! Of course he either deleted his account or blocked me before I could even respond. I considered, for about a millisecond, emailing him or texting him to let him know he was out of his FRICKEN mind, but I's simply not worth it. What do I care if he thinks I was screwing around behind his back? I know I wasn't, so really...what does it matter? Not to mention, I would just be playing into his hands by responding. That's exactly what he wants. That was the WHOLE POINT of that ridiculous get a rise out of me, to get me to respond to him. No thanks Artist, I'll pass on your game.

Until next time, much love!