Friday, November 7, 2008

Rude Much?

Ugh! SO annoyed with TGTBT at the moment!
TGTBT has been sleeping on a tiny little twin size bed for the past few weeks. When he got divorced his ex took EVERYTHING with her. Luckily he had a friend who needed a place to store some furniture while she moved home and her husband was in Alaska (commercial fisherman). They came back about a month and 1/2 ago to start looking for a place and make a permanent home for themselves. They found a house a few weeks ago, so along with his house guests went the couch and the bed. He's been making due with the twin, but complaining about it all the same. Unfortunately, due to this crap economy and his line of work he hasn't been able to replace it yet. Lucky for him though, he has (had??) me. :) A friend of a friend bought a new mattress set and didn't know what to do with their old one. It was in INCREDIBLE condition! Not sure why they got rid of it actually. So I told them I would gladly take it off their hands. has been kinda slow for him lately, making cash pretty hard to come by. Yesterday the wife of a guy I work with randomly changed her facebook (addicted much T? sheesh) status to " looking for an ELECTRICIAN. Does anyone know of one that is reasonably priced." Well hoorayness...I DO! So I got the info from her to forward on to TGTBT.
Imagine the elation if you were TGTBT and got a random text after not even hearing from me in 2 days that stated simply "I have a queen size mattress set for you and a quick electrical job if you're available to give a bid". How cool am I right? How lucky is he?
Anyway...he quickly agreed to the job. I gave her a quick quote of $400 which is 1/2 what she would have normally had to pay an electrician, but still a good fee for his mornings work. Lucky many people just have work thrown in their lap like that right?
I got off work at 7:00 and my Nugster met me at my place with her truck to go pick up the mattress and deliver it to him. I told him we would be there around 9:00. We pulled up to his place around 8:45 only to see that he HAD ANOTHER GIRL THERE!! There was a car in the driveway that I recognized from the night he drove me to SLC to get my car. Some chick had pulled up as we were driving away and he stopped to talk to her and let her know he was on his way out but would give her a call. That incident pissed me off enough! And now here I am DELIVERING AN EFFING MATTRESS TO HIM and she's there?!? HE KNEW I WAS COMING!!! You would think he could have planned his date around that! Sheesh!
We honked, I response. He never came out. Are you KIDDING me?!? We took the mattress out of the back of the truck and left it in the middle of his driveway. I sent him a text that said "Enjoy" and we were on our way. I could NOT believe it! After everything I had done for him that day, THIS is how he treats me?! Talk about disrespect!
About an hour later he sent me some bullshit text saying he hadn't heard me, blah blah blah. Whatever really were just that!
Until next time, much love!

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