Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My grandmother and my aunt flew in from Mississippi last night. Their flight arrived at 8:20 and, as usual, I was given the honor of the airport pick-up. Sadly, I'm a total crap driver on even the brightest of summer days so snowy nights are definitely not my forte'.
Enter TGTBT.
I haven't seen TGTBT in over a month and a half. We've only spoken through text sporadically in that time. I certainly wasn't driving up there myself though! Gave him a call and he quickly agreed to be my chauffer.
Weird weird weird. Let's just say things are not the same AT ALL. He was pleasant enough, but distant. Apparently a little more time needs to pass before we can reclaim our friendship.
So here's my question for you...do I try again or do I say screw it? My mother is in a singing group with the mother of a very old and dear friend of mine. They are singing up in SLC on Friday and I'm planning on taking the kids up to watch their performance and then look at the gorgeous lights of temple square with H and her family. TGTBT and H have known each other since Jr. High but haven't seen each other in years. Do I invite him to come up with us and have a happy little reunion? Hmmmm
Until next time, much love!


punkiepie said...

I just stumbled across your blog and I think it's fantastic. I'm also a single mom and I think it's great that you are able to balance everything the way you do. I look forward to reading about your TGTBT drama!

single mom seeking said...

I see that you have not yet taken my book cover off your site -- claiming it as your own.

I'm sorry to be such a stickler about this, but you're violating some very strict copyrighting laws. What you're doing is illegal.

I have now reported your infringement to Blogger.com.

If my book cover is not removed promptly, I will have your blog shut down.