Friday, May 29, 2009

Booooring Update

I am the most crap blogger in the history of crap bloggers! Due to insanity at work, finals, and lack of motivation it has been too long since I've updated you all and I have SO much to tell you! How excited are YOU?!?
Let's start with TGTBT. For a number of months now I've suspected that the girl he was starting to date behind my back was, in fact, the same girl that my very first boyfriend allegedly cheated on me with more than 10 years ago. Not even sure why, but I just had a feeling in my gut that there was more going on with them than met the eye. And...I was always. ;) Apparently she was in love with him enough to destroy her marriage by stepping out on her husband with him. Like so many before her, she believed she had found love. Sadly, she was wrong. He has now moved on to yet another unsuspecting victim. Dramatic enough? Seriously though...I wish him all the best. We're still friends, and we talk on a regular basis. While I refuse to admit how terribly the whole TGTBT saga rocked my world, I'm over it now and truly hope that he has finally found someone he can settle down with and remain faithful to. Best of luck guys!
Now on to FB...not much to say about this one. We went to YB's birthday party together, but haven't seen each other since. Texted a few times after the party, but just never managed to hook up again...mainly due to my chaotic schedule. We slowly drifted apart, and after not speaking to him for weeks and weeks he texted me last weekend wanting to hang out. Sadly, by that point I was so far past the point of caring that I just really had no desire to even meet him for a friendly dinner.
The DJ met up with me for my cousin's birthday party a few weeks ago. While I would like to say that it was good to see him, his presence really just pissed me off...not even sure why. He has, surprise surprise, moved in with his baby's mama YET AGAIN. Ooooh the insanity...literally! He's been wanting to get together for dinner every weekend since them, and I have been putting off that moment for as long as I possibly can.
Sooo...there are your updates friends! I have SO much more to tell you, but I think the next few stories are worthy of their own posts! Be on the lookout!
Until next time, much love!

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