Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Pretty Much Suck

Good Heavens I'm a crappy blogger! The truth dating life has been pretty much non-existent this semester, and I get the feeling it will remain that way for the next little bit as my classes seem to be getting harder and harder. Who would have guessed, right? ;)
I did go out on a blind date a couple weeks ago with my friend's husband's co-worker, but truly...the date was SO lame that it doesn't even warrant a blog post! He spent half the time droning on and on about his superior sales techniques and the other half being rude to the wait staff. Is it just me or is that one of the biggest turn-offs in the history of dating?? Oh and I DID spend the last 3 months lusting after my ridiculously hot law professor which kept me rather entertained for 2 1/2 hours each week. Somehow even contract law became fascinating when it was THE Professor doing the lecturing.
I have, however, decided to take a bit of a break from dating. That being said...I certainly wouldn't turn away from any exciting adventures with the opposite sex, but I simply don't have the time to spend looking for options. Sooo I guess my question is I abandon the blog altogether, force you all to wait in anticipation for months between posts (as I so cruelly do now), or do I convert this blog into more of a rambling of random thoughts?? Oh the decisions...
Until next time, much love!


Anonymous said...

You don't have the time to date and you had a bad blind date where the guy was why on earth would you title this post "I Pretty Much Suck?" Why do you suck? In fact, if you have usch a busy life that you don'thave time to date and have consiously chosen tot ake a break from dating, I think as a single gal you "pretty much rock!"

g said...

Umm I would have to agree with Julie on that one. You need to stick "blind date" in the title somewhere.
and secondly ... TOO busy to blog? that is not possible. Never to busy to vent whatever...!

T + 2 said...

Sorry cyber buddies...all I meant was that I suck at keeping my blog updated :)