Thursday, January 14, 2010

Apology Accepted

Got yet another email from The Artist...
"Hello T..I hope your well.Looking back on things I know it could have been better and I could have been a better person to you...I really dont know what was plaguing me but I am sorry for how I treated you.I hope you have a wonderfull new year.
J "

My response, you ask?
"Apology accepted."

And I truly do accept his bullsh*t. And maybe that's all he needs. Maybe he just needs some sort of closure himself. Maybe he just needs to know that I'm over it all...that I'm ok. I guess with this last email I figured...what the H*ll, I can give him that. Now maybe he can let it all go. So why does my heart hurt so terribly now?
Until next time, much love!


sweetmama.heather said...

You're an amazing woman and deserve nothing but the best, break ups hurt but he wasn't worthy of you and soon enough you'll find some one who is worth of you. Love you!

Katie said...

Letting go is hard... and it always hurts. You'll find a good guy, I know it!

Heather Telford said...

thanks for the comment on my photo blog your blog is great.. :)