Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How In the World Do Army Wives DO It?!

Lately most of my very limited spare time has been devoted to the soldier...ooooh, the soldier...
Met me a nice soldier, yep I sure did. He's a rather delicious looking one too. He served in Iraq with my friend's brother's girlfriend's cousin. Confusing enough? He's also still in the military. He's career. He's stationed in Kansas City, MO now, but he's shipping out to Afghanistan soon.
The whole situation is beyond impossible. Even if K1 didn't have a disability that made big changes (i.e. moving every few years) a form of torture for him, I also have baby daddies to think about. How would I feel if the roles were reversed, and my child was simply snatched up and moved away?
While the fantasy of it all is rather enjoyable, the reality pretty much sucks.
So...for now...I suppose I have a pen pal. :)

Until next time, much love!

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