Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Am I Crazy? Quite Possibly...

I've been speaking to The Artist again. He will be home in about two months and would like to "hang out".
We've spoken via email, IM, text, and phone...re-hashing everything that went down between us. He explained a lot of his behavior and apologized profusely for not treating me the way I deserve to be treated. But still...how am I to trust that this time will be any different? I've heard it all before.
He moves WAY too quickly for my liking as well. We've had a total of ONE phone conversation. Granted it was a 5 hour conversation, but it was only ONE conversation. We've texted, emailed, IM'd, etc. quite a bit as well, but I certainly wouldn't say we're in anyway "back together". Hell...I haven't even decided if I want to "hang out" when he gets home! He, however, has already changed his relationship status on fbook to "in a relationship". In a relationship? Really?! With who? Who, whom? Whatever. I just don't get it. He says it's simply to show me that whatever I decide he is "all in", but it kinda weirds me out.
Until next time, much love!


Lindsay & Emma Bartholomew said...

that is a little weird. good luck!

FierySaggGirl said...

Hi T-He makes life interesting. You have nothing to lose by sitting back and watching his actions as long as you don't get emotionally wrapped up in him until he proves he's worthy. Then dress him in a body hugging blue suit and see if he looks like a God...or Apollo!!!