Friday, February 12, 2010

What a GREAT Day!

My Dippidee order came today, and they threw in a special surprise treat JUST FOR ME!!!

How jealous are you?! Yummm!!

Also, a friend of mine recently started doing eyelash extensions and needed some guinea pigs to practice on. I, of course, volunteered myself. I've been wanting to try them for awhile, but could not justify spending $200 to have them done so this was perfect! Had them done last night, and I LOVE them! No more mascara for this girl hooray! I'm super lazy when it comes to hair and makeup so ANYTHING that can shave a few minutes off the morning routine is great.

Pardon the dark circles and bags under my eyes...I'm a student for Heaven's sake. ;)
Getting super excited to take K1 to see Percy Jackson tonight! In fact...I think I'm more excited than he is! super awesome mom, and my super spectacular daughter brought me lunch today! Could this day be any better?! Could I be any luckier?! I could not. :D
Until next time, much love!


FierySaggGirl said...

Awesome lashes! Lunch and lashes...what a nice Friday.

Camille said...

I just found your blog through MMB. I'm a single mom of two children as well! It's always fun to connect with others in the same "category"!
P.S. Dippidee is one of my weaknesses! These look sooo good!

Ms Crazy Princess said...

Awesome!! I would SO love that!!